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Managing Offers

We understand that determining whether or not to negotiate a job offer is often an exciting, yet complex decision. Therefore, the Engineering Career Center has established guidelines to promote positive recruiting behaviors that we encourage both students and employers to honor. Below are compiled best practices for students to help them decide if they should negotiate an offer.

Reneges (backing out of or not honoring an employment agreement that you have entered) are serious breaches of UIC’s recruitment understanding with employers. When students renege, it causes damage to your reputation, the Engineering Career Center, and UIC’s relationship with engineering employers. As a result, engineering student’s reneges can affect future opportunities for themselves and other UIC students.

When these instances occur the Engineering Career Center will investigate and determine appropriate actions. We understand that there may be reasonable circumstances that could result in either students and/or employers needing to alter their employment offer commitments.

If it is determined that a student has reneged on an employer without explanation, potential consequences may include:

  • A mandatory meeting with a Career Advisor explaining the reasons for your actions and steps you have taken to manage the situation.
  • Formal letter(s) of explanation to the employers impacted by the renege to explain the reasons for your actions. The letters will be written professionally and delivered promptly.

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