Mentoring Program

The goal of the program is to bring undergraduate engineering students and alumni together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas. These relationships provide a learning experience for students outside the classroom, where they have a chance to see the opportunities that a professional environment has in store for them.

Two people sitting at a table talking

How the Mentor Program can benefit you:

  • Receive career/life advice and suggestions overall
  • Learn about experiences that the mentors have had in detail
  • Gain ideas about different directions to pursue and help identify interests
  • Develop networking opportunities and skills
  • Learn about developing specific skills to make yourself more marketable
  • Learn about projects mentors have completed in their professional experience
  • Discuss non-traditional ideas on what to do after completing a degree (e.g. attend grad school, certifications)
  • Understand and discuss current trends and skills in the industry


Mentor Testimonials

student on a job site with their mentor

“The connection is going very well with my student. We have met a couple of times to focus on her plans for after graduation and any advice or connections I can help her with. Our last meeting was at a construction site to give her the opportunity to see real life engineering.”   ~JR, Clayco

“We have regular phone calls and touch base.  I gave my mentee a tour of the facility where I work. I also reviewed his resume and gave him some ideas that have been pretty successful to get some industry experience.”   ~Michael, James Instruments Inc.

“This program is great! Students can connect with people in the industry who can offer real world advice. I would have given anything to have had this kind of academic experience when I was an engineering student!”   ~Stacy, Isolinear Data Inc.

Want a Mentor? Application available Sept. 2019