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Your resume is the first thing employers will read when evaluating you for a job or internship. The format of your resume must be presented professionally and your engineering techniques and skills should be described in detail. Please view our example resumes below, attend our weekly group resume review sessions, schedule a 1:1 resume review appointment, or upload your resume for an online review, in order to ensure your resume is the best it can be.

Key Resume Tips

  • The resume is part of your professional, so it should reflect the same information as your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Everyone is a critic. At the end of the day, it’s your resume, so you get to decide how to represent yourself. When you receive resume advice, consider the expertise of the person giving it.
  • Be consistent with styles (font type, bold-type, italics, usage of periods, underlines, etc.).
  • A job/project/internship description should have at least 2 bullet points.
  • Action verbs must be in the past tense if you are not currently doing the job/project/internship (e.g. developed vs. develop). Otherwise, use present tense.
  • Components of a strong bullet point = Action-oriented verb + detail about what you did + software/hardware/coding languages/technical tools/skills that you used + outcome, result, or impact of this accomplishment

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