International Students

The Engineering Career Center (ECC) is dedicated to supporting international students with their job and/or internship search. Below you will find resources to assist you with your employment search, as well as the CPT and OPT application processes. Please also review the FAQ section below for information on tuition pricing, and how to obtain a Social Security Number.

Students: please note during the academic year you can work a maximum of 20 hours on CPT. The 20 hours is combined between both external internships and also on-campus positions (e.g. if you work 10 hours for an external internship, you can only work 10 hours in an on-campus position). During the summer session, international students can work 40 hours a week on CPT. 

The ECC will begin accepting appointments for Summer 2021 CPT applications on March 29th.

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International students must complete a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) application in order to obtain work authorization for off-campus internships. The Engineering Career Center can assist you with the CPT application process.

The Engineering Career Center DOES NOT process Optional Practical Training (OPT) applications for full-time employment. If you have obtained a full-time position, and need help with your OPT application, please visit with the Office of International Students (OIS) at UIC.


Completing Your CPT Paperwork (Must Complete All Steps)

Frequently Asked Questions

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I did my Master’s in Industrial Engineering. After graduating I was searching for a job but it was difficult out there. I was not able to get the desired outcome as needed. I knew something was going wrong in my job search.

That’s when ECC came in. I took serious efforts in improving my resume, interview skills, etc., and the ECC helped me a lot. When I was a student I hardly visited them, but as an alum, I started visiting them regularly. They were very helpful. They helped me a lot by giving me job search tips, conducting mock interviews, and preparing me for opportunities. I started getting more and more interview calls, and finally I landed a job.

I would advise all the current students to start seeking help from the ECC from early on so that you are ready for the opportunity when it knocks your door. I would again like to THANK the ECC for helping me out. Thank you.

Vinit Shah  |  MS Industrial Engineering Alum