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Following Up & Thank You Messages

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If you really want to increase your chances of hearing back about a job/internship, follow up with a recruiter or engineer at the company! It will make you stand out from other candidates who are not taking this additional step. It also shows initiative and enthusiasm on your part!

Tips on Following-up

  • Lead off with a thank you and focus on specifics from your conversation
  • Keep it brief. 3-5 sentences
  • Ask additional questions, if you have any
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Consider asking if there’s someone else within their network that you could be connected with to build your network

Examples of Messages Heading link

How to structure a professional email

Following up with recruiters on Linkedin Heading link

Sometimes it is hard to find the right person to follow up with at an employer you have submitted your resume to. This is where LinkedIn becomes a big help. You can find recruiters or hiring professionals who work at your target company and send them a follow-up message after you apply. As in all types of follow-up there is a proper approach to take in order to generate a response.

Send a follow-up message

Connect with UIC Alumni on LinkedIn Heading link

You will not always be able to connect with recruiters or hiring personnel from the company you applied to.  Thankfully, UIC has a network of 150,000 alumni profiles on LinkedIn. Some of these alumni may work at organizations where you would like to become an intern or full-time employee. UIC alumni can be a great way to network your way into a company, before a job is even posted.

Connect with UIC Alumni