The Engineering Career Center (ECC) provides helpful resources specifically geared toward UIC College of Engineering students and alumni for successfully securing internships, co-ops and jobs. A lot of changes have transpired over the last few weeks due to COVID-19. The Engineering Career Center is here to help you.

Graduating During COVID-19 Student Guide

We are living in unprecedented times. As a result, you will likely need to think creatively about your job search and be flexible in adjusting your process to help you obtain results.

This Student Guide is our attempt to provide you with some ideas and direction.  If there is any “best advice” we may impart, it is to reach out to us for help.

The Engineering Career Center will be able to help you customize your job/internship search, provide you with specific feedback on your resume, and give you tips to maximize your networking efforts on LinkedIn.

COVID-19 Guide

Virtual Advising and Events

Since the Engineering Career Center is currently closed due to COVID-19, we are now providing virtual advising services and events:


Job Search Tips for the Class of 2020

Upcoming Events