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Follow up with recruiters on LinkedIn

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One of the best ways to increase the odds of hearing back from a company after applying to one of their openings is to follow up with them. Make sure that your resume was properly reviewed by someone and not possibly overlooked by applicant tracking software.


Get started by conducting a detailed search on LinkedIn for hiring personnel who work at the company you have applied to. Filter your search by title and company.


Titles for hiring personnel: Recruiter, Campus Recruiter, University Recruiter, Technical Recruiter, Engineering Recruiter, Recruiting Coordinator, Talent Acquisition, HR Manager, HR Generalist

Larger companies will have Campus or University Recruiters, smaller companies will not typically have recruiters so you might contact the HR Manager.


For larger companies, it is ok to reach out to multiple recruiters, but be sure to keep track of who you are reaching out to and use your best judgment. Keep in mind that recruiters might not always be located in the city where the position is located, so don’t get too hung up on that.

When you are ready to reach out to the recruiter select the “Connect” button on their profile and select “Add a note” with your invitation request to increase the likelihood of acceptance. This is where you will include your brief elevator speech customized to the company and the position (must be under 300 characters).


3 pieces of info to include in personal message:

  • What position you have applied to
    (Include job number if applicable)
  • Express your interest in the position and company
    (Your brief cover letter or elevator pitch)
  • Thank them for reviewing your application

Recruiters do not always respond to LinkedIn requests from candidates, but it is all about increasing the likelihood that you will get a response or connection request accepted.  Even if the position does not pan out, it’s all about taking the initiative to building more relationships and a larger network in your chosen field.




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