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This page is designed to help CS students focus on the events, listings, and resources that align with their chosen field. Undergraduates are encouraged to complete at least two internships before graduation—for skill development as well as a competitive edge in the full-time job search. The Engineering Career Center (ECC) is here to help you along the way! Visit us early (and often) to make the most of our resources and our dedicated staff.

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Jonathan Uhlmann

“My web developer internship at the American Association of Individual Investors taught me writing efficient software and code while working in a team. I also have been a programming intern at the Office of the Prosecutor Attorney. After graduation, I plan to be working full-time as a software engineer or web developer.”

Jonathan Uhlmann  |  BS in Computer Science

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Mission Marcus

“The College of Engineering allows students to truly learn to solve problems they have never seen before. I hope to be working as a software developer after I graduate, and my dream job is to be a software engineer for Riot Games. So far, I’ve been a technical intern for JBTV and a digital media intern for Digital Media Academy.”

Mission Marcus  |  BS in Computer Science

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