This Week Insights

Why is "This Week" important?

Think of This Week as the portal to your Engineering Career Center, with lots of weekly information to assist in your job search. Not only will you gain tips on the job search process from how to find networking events to interview prep to negotiating salary (and everything in between), but the Engineering Career Center also advertises upcoming on and off-campus, career-related events. In addition, we highlight jobs that are posted in UIC Careers, which is where companies that want UIC students post jobs. Make sure your profile is up to date so that you are not screened out of opportunities.

Often times, students find that they don’t have time to read This Week and lose out on jobs. Make it your goal this year to read This Week weekly to stay ahead of the job search and find opportunities before May.

How to use "This Week" Archives for the Job Search

Each This Week offers a theme related to the job search process. In addition to providing tips and tricks around each of these themes, archived This Weeks can help you target employers that are interested in hiring UIC students. For example, in the September 12, 2016 edition of This Week, US Foods was a featured employer. Although this was September 2016, this can be a good indication that US Foods will likely be looking for UIC students September 2017. Perhaps use LinkedIn to follow US Foods, see if there are any jobs posted or use the alumni search tool to see if you are connected to someone at US Foods. Even if you aren’t graduating until May 2018, many companies have recruitment cycles that begin in August and end in November to fill internships and jobs for the following spring. Keep this in mind during the fall. Also, be sure to look at the companies that hosted info sessions and events on campus, as they may very well be back at UIC in the coming year.