During Spring Semester

If you plan on securing an internship for Summer 2018: Hopefully you did not wait until spring semester to search for your summer internship. Whether you have already been searching, or you are just starting your search, May will arrive before you know it! Make sure your resume looks great. Always be networking. Use multiple resources to conduct your search. Don't forget to follow up on the applications you send out.  Do not keep putting your search off as the semester progresses or you will find yourself without an internship for the summer.  Block out time on your calendar during the first half of the semester to dedicate to your internship search.  The process from submitting your application to accepting an offer can take a couple months, so do not delay!

If you graduated in December 2017: Hopefully you have taken advantage of the resource provided on this website in helping you to secure full-time employment in the engineering field. If you graduated without having full-time employment secured we can help you with your search too. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us. It's our pleasure to assist UIC College of Engineering Alumni. We're family!

If you plan on graduating in May 2018: If you have not started your search for a full-time position once you graduate, it's time to start your search! It can take up to six months to search, network, apply, follow up, and interview, before finally accepting an offer. If it is your goal to have a job secured by the time you graduate, it's time to get your search on!