During Summer

Current students: If you are not currently completing an internship, it is important to have something on your resume to show what you did all summer. It could be a part time job, taking extra classes, getting a technical certification or volunteering your time. When you are talking to recruiters in the fall, you want to be able to tell them how you were improving yourself over the summer. It does not have to be engineering related.

If you plan on graduating in December 2017: You should be starting your full-time employment search now if you have not already. It can take up to six months to search, network, apply, follow up, and interview, before finally accepting an offer. If it is your goal to have a job secured by the time you graduate, it's time to get your search on!

If you recently graduated: Hopefully you have taken advantage of the resources provided on this website in helping you to secure full-time employment in the engineering field. We can help you with your search too. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us. It's our pleasure to assist UIC College of Engineering Alumni. We're family!