Opportunities are everywhere

The most successful job seekers take a varied and proactive approach to their search.  This goes way beyond filling out a bunch online applications and waiting for a phone call from a recruiter.  To speed up the process of landing that internship or job, it's important to utilize multiple online resources, networking, career-related events, and getting more involved on and off campus. Finally, it is important to follow up with employers after applying to make sure they reviewed your resume and increase your chances of receiving a response from your application.

Breaking down your search

40% of your time expanding and reaching out to your network

30% of your time following up on your applications and your networking efforts, including career-related events you attended

20% of your time applying to job postings

10% of your time attending career related events including career fairs, employer site visits and information sessions

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Search Tip: Set up job alerts for a more efficient search

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