September 2018 will be a busy time for the Engineering Career Center!

In happy news, the Engineering Career Center (ECC) is undergoing an office renovation! As UIC grows, so too does the ECC! Additionally, student traffic the weeks leading up the September Engineering & Computer Science Career Fair is quite busy, making Fall 2018 a particularly tough semester for us to do one-on-one resume reviews.

During this time, please utilize the resume templates that we have provided below, as well as group resume review sessions such as Resumepalooza, Resume Drive-In's, and our weekly group Resume Review Sessions in SEO. Locations for all of our resume review sessions are on our events page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very busy time. We are excited to debut the new ECC to you in Spring 2019!

Attend Resume Review Sessions

Key Resume Tips and Tricks

  • The resume is part of your professional, so it should reflect the same information as your profile and LinkedIn profile.
  • Everyone is a critic. At the end of the day, this is your resume, so you get to decide how to market yourself.
  • Be consistent with styles (font type, bold-type, italics, usage of periods, underlines, etc.).
  • Check out the top 10 most popular sans-serif fonts to make sure your resume stands out.
  • A job/project/internship should have at least 2-3 bullets.
  • Action verbs must be in the past tense if you are not currently doing the job/project/internship (e.g. developed vs. develop). Otherwise, use present tense.