Mentoring Program

The goal of this program is to bring students and alumni together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas.

These relationships provide a learning experience for students outside the classroom, where they have a chance to see the opportunities that a professional environment has in store for them.

Mentor Testimonials


“The connection is going very well with my student. We have met a couple of times to focus on her plans for after graduation and any advice or connections I can help her with. Our last meeting was at a construction site to give her the opportunity to see real life engineering.”   ~JR, Clayco

“We have regular phone calls and touch base.  I gave my mentee a tour of the facility where I work. I also reviewed his resume and gave him some alternative ideas that have been pretty successful to get some industry experience.”   ~Michael, James Instruments Inc.

“This program is great! Students can connect with people in the industry who can offer real world advice and experience…I would have given anything to have had this kind of academic experience when I was an engineering student!”   ~Stacy, Isolinear Data Inc.

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