Mentoring Program



The goal of this program is to bring students and alumni together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas.


These relationships provide a learning experience for students outside the classroom, where they have a chance to see the opportunities that a professional environment has in store for them.

Student Testimonials


“The most important take away for me was seeing the work my mentor does and listening to the work he has done, which is quite valuable. School on its own would not have shown me what project management or design build could be.”   ~Kitty, Senior, Civil Eng. (Featured in the photo with her mentor)

“My mentor has given a lot of insight in all the questions I have been asking. We mostly talk about school stuff and research.”   ~Danilo, Senior, Computer Eng.

“My mentor has been great. We had phone conversations once every couple of weeks. He has given me excellent advice regarding school, projects, and finding a job. I even got a tour of his work place and what they do.”   ~Xiong, Senior, Electrical Eng.

“I received a plethora of advice regarding the real world and the experiences encountered by my mentor that has, quite honestly, helped me immensely. His experience regarding graduate school helped me to open my eyes at the possibility of going myself. I am immensely fortunate to have spoken to such a humble and wise individual.”   ~Brandon, Senior, Mechanical Eng.

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