Cover Letter

Resume + Job Description = Cover Letter

The goal of the cover letter is to sell yourself by showing how your resume aligns with a company and a job description. The resume is about you. The job description is about the employer. The cover letter is about both. You will need both a resume and a job description to write an effective, one page cover letter. Individualize your cover letter for each job you apply for.

What makes you qualified for the role based on the specific qualifications that they are seeking? What sets you apart, including information that may not be on your resume? Why are you interested in this company?  A thoughtful cover letter can help lead to interviews with your target companies.

  • Short, impactful statements can help you stand out. Examples: Solving problems to improve efficiency excites me. Helping others using technology matters.
  • Copy your name and contact info exactly from your resume to your cover letter. Indicates that both documents are part of the same application.
  • Copy bullets directly from the job description into the body of your cover letter with specific examples from your experience, to highlight alignment with what the employer is seeking.